How To Find The Work You Want

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How To Find The Work You Want

Visit the job centre

If you’re out of work the best thing to do when you start looking is stop on by at the Job Centre. The Job Centre isn’t just a place where people can find out about vacancies, it’s also somewhere you can pick up invaluable tips and skills. Job Centre staff will be happy to help you tidy up your CV or help you prepare for an interview. They also provide a number of workshops where you can learn more about working for yourself, internship placements and voluntary opportunities.

Sign up to a recruitment agency

Agencies make their money by referring relevant candidates to companies looking for staff. So it’s in their interest to have as many quality CVs on their database as possible. A good way to make the most of an agency is to ask for an appointment, dress smartly and bring your most up-to-date CV along. If you get a meeting with an agent you can explain in depth what your skills are, what work you are looking for and what makes you a good candidate. With a better idea of your talents, they’ll be much more able to match you to a relevant role and get you into the line of work you’re after.

Go door knocking

Going from business to business asking whether they are looking to employ anyone can be a daunting prospect. But it can also be one of the most rewarding when it comes to searching for a job.  First off make a plan of businesses you want to target then print off enough CVs for your job hunt. Before you head out make sure you’re looking smart and have a good idea of what to say. Often you won’t be successful but employers like keenness and initiative so even if you aren’t offered a job on the spot you may wangle valuable work experience or be considered for future vacancies.

Scour the web

The web is a great resource for those looking for work. Websites like the Jobcentre Plus and S1 Jobs have thousands of positions advertised all over Scotland. There are also smaller more dedicated websites specific to certain industries which are worth visiting. And don’t forget the likes of Gumtree; it can often throw up decent seasonal work as well as permanent vacancies.


Some jobs are well advertised and easy to find, others are often only discovered through word of mouth. It’s no surprise then that many of the most successful people have an extensive network of friends and acquaintances. Many industries hold free networking days where likeminded people can meet up and share ideas. These sorts of meetings are ideal for making key contacts so keep an eye out for them on social media networks and relevant websites. If you turn up, you never know who you might meet.


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